SHEGU - prints (A0/A1/A2)


In collaboration x Tyson Ernste
Material: Epson matte paper 192gsm
Model: Print
Collection: NGEI

In collaboration with photographer Tyson Ernste, Naula_studio offers a part of her universe through prints. Much more than jewelry, concepts and stories awakens through visual creations which blends ancestral and futuristic feels.

Tyson Ernste and Naula have been collaborating for over 4 years together in Bali, Indonesia. Together they create photography and videography that transform the Human body and reality into a futuristic and surreal tribal world. Lights, photoshoot sets and props become powerful tools to alter reality and create alternative worlds...

Tyson is a Film maker & Photographer from the Netherlands. His work is charming, mysterious, edgy. Over the past 15 years, Tyson developed a strong personality into his dedicated work. He loves the whole process that goes into fabricating a concept to finished craft with a thoughtful eye and mind.
In 2015 he was chosen to exhibit his talent work for the future of fashion Photography in the Netherlands.

NGEI (translates to ‘later in the future’ in Nengone, the language from Maré, Pacific) is a collection of 3 monumental accessories inspired by the Kanak artefacts: the Kanak money, ceremonial spears and magic stones. Those objects were pillars of New Caledonia’s culture and identity. In this collection they take a new form and perpetuate traditions in new ways.

SHEGU: (‘to warmp up next to the fire’ in Nengone) is a modernized version of the Kanak ‘Magic stone’. Magic stones were pieces of stone holding special powers. They had a very humble and raw look but were believed to help agriculture, fishing, raining,... while placed underground, in rivers or any areas where magic was needed.
‘Shegu’ is a futuristic implant in which a ‘fossilized silex’ in metal floats in the middle of a transparent box. The device is directly attached to the skin of its wearer. This new magic stone would help tribes to inherit ancestral knowledge and carry it with them in the future as a superpower.

‘Shegu’ reminds us of the magic that built the indigenous populations. It is this very same magic that allowed Mankind to evolve. We could imagine that this stone as the tradition Magic stones will have a special power. In this case I imagine it will bring its owner the capacity to remember the traditional legends and tales of New Caledonia. Therefore our culture, will never be lost and keep its spoken form.

In a world were physical lands become scarce ‘Shegu’ represents a new hope for archeology. Therefore we could imagine that each individual will carry his own heritage on himself, as there is no more ground to burry our past.

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