Material: Sterling Silver & Resin
Model: Earring - pair (2pcs)
Size: One Size
Collection: Tanem Fuija

The DIPSI earrings are part of the TANEM FUIJA collection, explore the
concept of scarification in a far-flung future. The collection is inspired but the ritualistic crocodile like scarifications of Vanuatu. The work describes a series of futuristic rituals with which hypothetical humans protect themselves from the passage of time and attempt to become invincible and immortal. And materialise with 3 monumental looks and a series of tools.

The DIPSI earrings are inspired by inspired by the look 3 of TANEM FUIJA: BON BAKEGEN which is inspired by the Eternal jellyfish; which can revert its cells back to childhood, reversing the aging process and extending its lifespan. It never dies of old age and is the only animal considered as biologically immortal.
DIPSI is 42mm in diameter, with 5 mm plate, and 5 mm resin spike. Bold and bubbly, these earrings feature a unique mix: shiny reflective metal and clear resin, creating an original and distinctive blend. The earrings come in a pair. DIPSI means “deep sea - ocean” in Bichlamar, Vanuatu.

All the pieces of this collection are handmade in Bali Indonesia. Items are made-to-order and, as such, they may take up to three weeks to produce. It just means that your piece is unique. If you’re in a rush don’t worry, just shoot through an email and we’ll see what we can do.


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