Material: Sterling Silver / Gold plated 14k
Model: Earring
Size: One Size
Collection: Terre

The ALA bullet pendant ring is part of the Terre collection, inspired by my origins, New Caledonia, a small French island located in the Pacific. Each piece is a translation of New Caledonia's culture, spirituality and imagery. It embodies through a small piece of jewelry my island's core values, such as generosity, faith, groundedness and more.
Sculpted on a metal lathe this pendant spins around the idea of grounding, origins and beliefs. Inspired by ritualistic pendulums this raw jewelry brings a sense of direction and faith to its wearer. The pendant also refers to a bullet as a symbol of sharpness and force.

ALA BULLET is our signature bullet, the very first shape created on a metal lathe and a cornerstone of the Naula Studio jewelry brand. This piece measures 4.5cm in length and approximately 1cm in diameter. It exudes a minimal and industrial feel, reminiscent of traditional totems in New Caledonia.
Available in both silver and gold-plated versions, each comes with the option of a small (25mm) or large (40mm) hoop earring. The 'silver version' features a hoop in sterling silver, while the 'gold version' is plated in 14k gold. This earring is designed as a single style piece and can also be worn as a pendant necklace with a chain of your choice (chain not included in the order).

All the pieces of this collection are handmade in Bali Indonesia. Items are made-to-order and, as such, they may take up to three weeks to produce. It just means that your piece is unique. If you’re in a rush don’t worry, just shoot through an email and we’ll see what we can do.


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