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Bodydrift – Anatomies of the Future: 1 June 2020 — 4 October 2020 Take a look at the exhibition "Bodydrift - Anatomies of the Future" with the new video series BodyDrift & Corona. In addition to the collections of ceramics and jewelery, Design Museum Den Bosch also focuses on the Post Human theme. The exhibition "Bodydrift - Anatomies of the Future" is about the future of our body. What does the future of the human body look like? In this exhibition, artists and designers explore the moral and technological boundaries of the body. In this series of films, designers, curators and employees highlight the connection between the exhibition and the current crisis linked to corona.
BodyDrift & Corona: Loan Favan over haar werk ALLIAGE -Cu29Zn30 from Design Museum Den Bosch on Vimeo.

Model: Helen Hitori, Jewelry: Naula_studio, Photography: Max Kinsky


In this issue of Tattoo Life magazine you’ll find the cover model Helen Hitori, Tattoo Artists such as Junior Goussain, The Séance Tattoo Parlor, Pantarei, Ben Dunning, Judicael’s tattoos and much more...The cover girl for this issue is a Russian tattooist specialized in subjects inspired by Tibetan and Indian art which she interprets with a generous use of black and grey, creating highly elegant contrasts.

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The ELLE magazine NL

The magazine offers as recommendation exhibition the «Bodydrift - Anatomies of the Future» at the Design Museum of Denbosch. The collection Alliage-Cu29Zn30 is one of the highlight of the exhibition with works from many others artists such as Ted Noten, Ana Rejcevic, Walter Pichler, Lucy McRae, Bart Hess, Frederik Heyman...

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The Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show is one of the world’s most influential exhibitions of work by new designers. Staged annually in Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week, it allows both Bachelor and Master students to present their final projects to thousands of visitors in a curated environment.The Graduation show of 2019 will be held in Campina between the 19th and the 27th of October.

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The annual graduation show of the Design Academy Eindhoven has been a tradition since 1991. Over the years the accompanying publication has evolved from a modest production to something more like an encyclopaedia. This year, given the scale and ambition this undertaking has reached, a curatorial team was commissioned to undertake a subjective exploration of the work produced by its graduates, placing them in dialogue with one another according to a set of topics, ideas, urgencies, and ambitions that traverse each other in unexpected ways. As such, this year’s catalogue is more like novel, but one in which readers are invited to find their own narrative threads.

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It is the most significant tech area of the Netherlands. It is the place where smart technologies are born. Technological innovation has a growing impact on our daily lives, our societies and our humanity. But who or what is all this technology ultimately serving? Is everyone still able to participate? Are these developments good and healthy for all of us? What role do we actually want technology to play in our lives? Artists, like no others, are able to put technology and unstoppable developments in a different, unexpected perspective. They approach technology not as profit driven solutions to increase convenience, but instead research, play, ask and show how technology can help build a sweeter, more humane world. Manifestations focuses the spotlight on art and projects that investigate the ‘matches’ and ‘mismatches’ between people and technology.

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BNO is an association founded by designers, for designers. Their history goes back more than a hundred years. What’s more important is what they are today: the biggest community of designers and design agencies in the Netherlands. They’re a professional team that supports and promotes designers and their profession. In addition, they participate in a variety of activities in the Netherlands and abroad, they do lobbying on behalf of their industry and publish Dude, their quarterly Dutch Designers Magazine.

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The month of June, i-D is entirely devoted to the graduation of the Dutch fashion courses. Dozens of brand new designers are ready to take the fashion world by storm, but not before they have presented their final collections at their graduation show. The fashion press and other designers also keep a close eye on the shows to spot new talent. Last Monday we were present at AMFI where two of the five designers we spoke to mentioned fellow student Julot Kok who collaborated with Naula_studio to bring to life a minimal and delicate collection reflecting on menswear.